Hello, March! This time of the year, I'm looking forward to spring (which usually don't appear before April, anyway) so my March kits are often full of bright and happy colors. This year, I have combined a bright, almost electric, blue with a clear but softer yellow and hot pink. 

You can play around with the colors. If you don't like pink, use orange. You can use mint green instead of blue. Or, use hot pink and orange together. Why not add some gold foil accents? Gold will look gorgeous along with these colors!

There are so many possibilites to create this bright sprink kit. Make it yours by using your favorite spring color combination.

Now it's your turn to go to your stash and make your own Bunny Hop kit. Here is some more inspiration for you, a link to the lookbook for March.

If you're on Facebook, I encourage you to join the FB group for a ton of ideas, inspiration and plain fun! Also, remember that you are welcome to post your stash kits and projects in our Flickr group.

A couple of days ago, I also started a group for stash kitting over at Big Picture Classes' brand new community. You do need to be a member (for free) at Big Picture Classes to participate in their groups, but you do not have to be a paid member.

And, oh, I found this funny film clip from the 50's, where you can learn to do the Bunny Hop dance. Looks like fun, so hop along! :D

Happy stash diving!

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