Meet Bolero, our April kit. We are keeping the yellow from last month, but it is a colder lemon tone replacing the warm sunny one in the March kit. Add a deep coral orange tone and emerald green. This color combo gives a warm welcoming romantic and social feeling. I think of it as a warm summer night on a Mediterranean island, so I named the kit Bolero after the Spanish dance.

My own inspiration for this color combo was a photo of spring fashion colors from Paris, spotted by Pantone.

Visit the Pinterest lookbook/moodboard for more inspiration for these colors.

Now it's your turn to go to your own scrap corner and put together a Bolero kit from these colors. Have fun!

If you're on Facebook, I encourage you to join the FB group for a ton of ideas, shared inspiration and plain fun! Also, remember that you are welcome to post your stash kits and projects in our Flickr group. Additionally, there is a group for stash kitting over at Big Picture Classes' community. So you can find us all over the Internet.

Bonus: This month we have a special Spotify playlist to go with the kit, so you can dance while you're scrapping. :)

Happy stash diving!

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