Let's get to know Mr. Fox. This kit is based on neutrals like beige and grey, together with orange. That is a color combo that can be stretched through the entire fall season with Halloween and Thanksgiving, so you might want to keep the kit for a while.

As you can spot in the image above, orange can be more yellow or more red. Deep orange looks like rust red and pale orange becomes coral. If you don't like orange, choose yellow - another hot trend color right now. Or go more to the red. If you like, use gold for orange and silver for grey, to add a little bling and glitter to your projects.

Get even more inspiration from the Lookbook board on Pinterest (the image above is from that board). And, of course we have a special Spotify playlist for Mr. Fox!
If you're on Facebook, I encourage you to join the FB group for a ton of ideas, inspiration and plain fun! Also, remember that you are welcome to post your projects in our Flickr group.

Happy stash diving!

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