Have too much twine in your stash? This is a real stashbuster - using baker's twine to make patterns and words on your page. It's not at all as hard at it seems. Grab your fine tipped bottle of glue (Glossy Accents is good) and write in glue with the fine tip. Gently press down the twine in that trail of glue. This is such a fun way to make the title of your page.

Perhaps you can spot another stashbuster on this page? Sprinkle enamel dots over your project, like candy. Add photos. Page done!

I also added some handwritten summer words along the twine pattern, for that last perfect finishing touch.

Just one more thing: Do not get discouraged if you are not happy with your first attempt. To be honest, this finished page is actually my second attempt. I was not pleased with my first page as a couple of the letters were a bit wonky. So, I was torn between leaving the 'not perfect' page and call it 'good enough' (everything you make do not have to be perfect!) or have another go at it the following day. Now I'm so happy that I remade the page, because that little practise made the finished result so much better!

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