Oops! I dropped the entire paint box in this kit! LOL!

With the latest trends there are really two opposite directions to go: grey or rainbow. Grey and neutral tones does not feel right now that we are impatiently waiting for spring and nature's own color explosions (at least if we live in the northern hemisphere). So, my friends, rainbow it is! Get some general feel for this trend by looking into the March Pinterest Lookbook.

This is like a free spin. You could choose to either make mulitcolored projects, or - if all those colors hurt your eyes - just pick any of your very favorite color combos. Have fun using all the colors in the box! And if that's not enough for you, 'bling it on' with gold and silver.

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And if you need some color themed music to set you in the right mood, here's the Spotify playlist for the Jackpot kit! Have a favorite color song that's not on the list? Just send a note to hello@scrappypedia.com and let me know. I may add that song to the playlist!

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