Let me present our August stash kit: Surf's Up! The colors are blue, yellow and aqua. Feel free to play with the color tones. Blue can be a deep navy or a more royal blue. Yellow can be a bright lemon yellow, a pale pastel or a rich mustard hue. You can use turquoise if you want a more vibrant bluegreen color than aqua, or teal if you want a more muted tone of bluegreen.

The possibilities for color combinations in this kit are endless when it comes to themes. Combine navy blue and yellow for elegance. Or, substitute gold for yellow and get even more elegant feeling with that deep blue and gold! Perfect for wedding albums! Blue and teal for boy pages. Yellow and turquoise, or yellow and royal blue for hot summer pages. Pastel yellow, blue and/or aqua for baby pages. You can also use different tones of the same color for a project.

Don't be afraid to add a little accent color if you need it, pink is gorgeous along with navy and teal, and it would add a feminine touch to the project.

Get even more inspiration from the Lookbook board on Pinterest. And, get in the right surfing... I mean, scrapping mood with our special Spotify list for the Surf's Up kit!

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