The most wonderful summer here in Sweden has come to an end and is replaced by a perfectly beautiful autumn. Soon, the trees will be painted in all those brilliant colors, and I truly love living in the northern hemisphere with these distinctly marked season changes. Even if you don't have a sharp change of season (or even autumn!) right now, I hope that the September kit will inspire you to create.

The main colors are orange and yellow with a dash of gold. These are the colors of autumn leaves, and also the colors of pumpkins, Halloween and Thanksgiving. At the same time, they are the colors of summer heat and citrus fruits. So this is in fact a quite versatile kit! As you can see in the photo, I added just a tiny bit of pink to my own kit.

Now it's your turn to put together an Autumn Twist Kit from your scrap stash. As usual, I have pinned some additional inspiration on the Lookbook Pinterest board for September

Happy stash diving! You are welcome to share your kits, projects and thoughts in our Facebook group or on Flickr.

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