Are you tired of scrapbooking? Not feeling it? Not getting anywhere? Can't find the inspiration? Haven't scrapped for weeks or even months? Feeling sad that you don't love it anymore? Fear not! Help is on the way!

My online friend Janet, also know as 'Cherrypicker' on the scrap forums, once helped a sad scrapper who had lost her mojo and didn't want to scrap anymore. I thought that this 'First Aid Kit' for the tired scrapper was brilliant, and asked Cherrypicker's permission to share it with you.

So, here is Cherrypicker's First Aid Kit for finding your scrap mojo again. IMPORTANT NOTE! There are no right or wrong answers! The objective is to examine the reason for losing your desire to scrap, so that you can make changes in those areas. Do the exercises and find out what is stopping you from scrapbooking. These exercises can, of course, be applied to other kinds of papercrafting or any hobby, really.

1. Finish this sentence.

I want to scrapbook because .........................................

2. Now, finish this sentence.

What I dislike the most about this hobby is........ 

3. If I could only pick one size, one type of project and one 'timeframe' of my life that gets me super excited, they would be.......

Example.  I would answer this: 12x12, layouts, current. There is no right/wrong answer. 

4. Now that you know WHY you want to scrapbook, what you don't like about it, and what you DO love: it is time to ADD by SUBTRACTING.

Meaning this: What is preventing you from doing a 12x12 current layout- right now. Like tonight.

If you say: area in a mess, you will need to start with an organizing goal and Subtract the chaos....

If you say: too much stuff, you will need to Subtract by purging 'some' things, and then get what is left into an somewhat organized state...

If you say: time, you will need to see what is taking your time. Subtract something off your daily list-perhaps tv, social media time, shopping...

If you say: don't know where to start. Time to Subtract some UFO's, themed albums, unfinished classes/challenges off your desk and start a new enjoyable exciting list.

If you say: not inspired lately. Subtract the distractions (ie: shopping) and focus/find a new source of inspiration, new blog, new designer, new videos...

If you say: the need for perfection. Completely and totally Subtract that thinking. That is self-imposed and you need to do what YOU love. Period.


Margareta here, again. I decided to answer these questions myself. The fun thing is that your answers are going to be different on different times. There's not one single reason for losing your scrap mojo. It could be a number of reasons depending on your current situation.

Here are my answers to Cherrypicker's questions, based on how my scrappy life look today. The next time I need help with finding my mojo, the answers would look a bit different. There is no right or wrong answers. And that's the beauty of it!

1. I want to scrapbook because I love creating with paper! Yeah, it's important to preserve memories but, honestly, I could keep my memories by sticking photos into albums and perhaps scribble down some facts about them. Scrapbooking is not necessary for memory keeping. But adding some design and pretty patterned paper to those precious memories is what makes me happy! :)

2. What I dislike the most about this hobby is... uhm... is... I don't really dislike anything (other than the outrageous international shipping rates in some online stores. LOL!). I don't let myself be pressured into making pages in a certain style, or feeling inadequate as a designer. I try to just have fun with my hobby. So, nope, I don't dislike anything special about scrapbooking.

3. If I could only pick one size, one type of project and one 'timeframe' of my life that gets me super excited, they would be 12x12 pages about my current life. As much as I love pocket page scrapping, 12x12 LO's are my favorites to make.

4. I would say: A. My area is in a mess and sometimes I can't find what I need because I brought it out and didn't put it back in the right place. Well, I have spent the last year organizing my stuff, and made another reorganization into new storage units this weekend, so that problem is now solved. With the help of the daily prompts from Scrap Stash Organization Club, I can keep it all in order with only 15 minutes organization work per day.

But with the reorganization, problem B. appeared: I feel almost overwhelmed with how much stuff I have. I love all of it. There are not many items I would like to get rid of. Still, I have so much supplies that I doubt that I could ever use it all. My solution to this is to sell and give away the (few) things I no longer want. I will also be very reluctant to buy more things, trying to use my stash. Which is what this place is all about. :)

So, there you have it. My scrappy life today. How is yours? I would love to hear your thoughts about this. Log in to join the discussion on this page.

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