Get organized

If your scrap desk is a big mess, your inspiration gets muddled. Sign up for the daily weekday prompts at and get going.


Make your scrap space inviting by surrounding yourself with pretty things. Frame and hang a beautiful quote on the wall. Place some small but cute decorations on your desk. Put your most beautiful embellishments in a bowl or transparent container and let them inspire you to use them! I've been scrapping at least three times more since I pulled my stuff out of the closed containers and into the open where something pretty can catch my eye when I'm walking by my Expedit.

Get out of the pajamas

We all want to be comfy when scrapping but, hey girl, take a shower, put on some nice clothes and paint your nails. You will feel so much better, and ready for new adventures. Don't let the sweatpant syndrome take away your mojo.

Learn something new

Take an online class or find a free tutorial for a technique on YouTube. Then, try it out for yourself.

Go crazy

Do something in a different way. Turn a sketch sideways. Use those products in your stash that you bought but never used. Try to find new ways to use old items.

Meet up with other scrappers

Go to a crop. Invite a friend to your house. If you don't have any LSS or scrappy friends nearby, browse through the online galleries and connect with scrappers online.

Do something fun

Go to a museum, travel, eat out... Not only will you get fresh photos and memorabilia to scrap. You can also be on the lookout for inspiration that you could translate to the scrap pages. Chalkboards, posters, window displays, brochures... The world is your inspirational oyster!

Step away from the computer

I put this pointer last for a reason. ;) We spend far too much time idling on Facebook, forums and Pinterest. Turn it off and start scrapping! Because the truth is that inspiration doesn't arrive by itself. You have to seek it out. Start moving some things around on a sheet of paper, and your will get inspired to create. 

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