We've all been there. The times when we know we shouldn't buy any new scrap supplies but it's so hard to resist. Currently, just after the big CHA trade show when the stores are filled with new and shiny collections, it's extra hard on us. How can we stay strong? Here are 5 great strategies, and they would actually work on anything you feel the urge to buy, not only scrap supplies.

1. Don't look. Don't look. Don't look.

If you happen to be endowed with a strong and steadfast character, this might work for you. It is the simplest solution of them all. But for the rest of us, with the character of a mouse before a chunk of cheese, there are other ways. Read on. 

2. Start organizing your scrap stash.

Don't get carried away and make this a big project. You only have to go through and organize a few bins of embellishments. You will realize how many pretty things you already have (many of them similar to the new shiny versions, I'm sure!) and that you really do not need to add anything.

Love the new trends? Trends go in circles. If you've been around for a while, there's a very good chance you already have things that are currently back in trend. Go search for those in your stash. Also, join Scrap Stash Kit Club, because there you'll get tips on how to use your old stash on trend. Every month I will reveal a trendy color combo and encourage you to make kits from your scrap stash.

3. Make something!

Now when you've looked through a bit of your stash, I bet you're inspired to use those gorgeous things. Make a layout, a card, start on a mini book, anything. It will get you off the computer and sidetracked long enough to forget about CHA and the new collections. 

4. Put it on your wishlist

Make a wishlist of all the things you want. Let the wishlist sit for at least a couple of weeks. Go through your list. You will most likely discover that you no longer want everything on the list.

We often think we want something at first look, only to discover later that it really wasn't as cute as we first thought it was. Remove all the things you no longer want on your wishlist and let it sit for another couple of weeks. Repeat.

Eventually, you will have a wishlist with items that your really really want. Share that wishlist with family and friends, for your birthday and for Christmas. They'll be thankful to get a hint of gifts that would make you very happy.

5. When all else fails. Go for one small cheap thing.

If you've gone through every tip above and still feel a strong urge to shop, go ahead and treat yourself to one low priced item. Such as one sheet of paper, or one pack of embellishments on clearance sale. Only to give yourself the satisfaction and the feeling that you can treat yourself, only not excessively.

It's important to limit yourself. If you're in this bad condition, you will probably have to talk to yourself as if you were a small child. 'You can have ONE! And it cannot cost more than ONE dollar!'

Also, before checking out, be still for a minute and hold the item in your hand (or in your mind if you're shopping online). How does it feel? Does it feel as good as you imagined? Or, could you choose to put the item back and walk out from the store without buying, feeling proud of yourself for resisting the temptation?

Make your choice. If it feels good, go ahead and shop for a dollar. If it feels better to walk away without buying anything, do that. Either choice is all right, and it's important to not beat yourself up if you should cave to your cravings for new and shiny things. Pick yourself up and move forward. You will do better the next time.

Do you have more great strategies to stop that urge to shop? Please, I would love you to share in the comments. :)

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