This project, made with the Jackpot stash kit, was inspired by photos on Instagram and a project from Studio Calico's gallery (see picture further down the page). If you would like to make a dent in your stash of embellishments, this is the perfect opportunity. ;)

For a while now, I have seen a type of photo motifs where different items are placed on a surface. I love those! Here is a recent one from Pantone:

And here's another from Virginia Fynes Designs:

I even made a photo like that myself inspired by another one that I can't find anywhere now:

Well, last week I spotted this wonderful page in Studio Calico's gallery:

This is by Emily Spahn (be sure to visit her blog!), member of the design teams for Gossamer Blue Kit Club and for Pebbles (American Crafts). I can tell you that this page pushed me over the edge! I finally got to work on my own project that's been brewing in my mind for some time. Thank you, Emily!

Well, turns out that Emily was inspired by a gorgeous photo on Two Peas' blog last year:

So, that goes to show the circle of inspiration! LOL! Especially as I was honored to learn that Two Peas were featuring my project on March 7-9, 2014! 


Is this page heavy? Yes, it is quite heavy! And I have been given the good recommendation to back the cardstock with some chipboard for stability.

Did it take a long time to make? Well, it took about 4-5 hours to assemble and place all those tiny items. 

Will it be put away in an album? No. At least not for a while. Again, my dear online friends gave me great advice: I'm going to frame it in a 12x12 shadow box and put it on the wall in my scrap corner where I can let it inspire me to use my stash. And if I ever run out of embellishments (not likely! hah!) I could just pick and choose from this project. ;)

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