The Scrap Stash iPhone app and the database service on were created a few years ago. These awesome services has been built by my husband Johan offered to the scrapbooking community for free and it is entirely free of cost to use them. Sadly, Johan and I can no longer afford to pay hundreds of dollars every year from our private income to keep these services going.

I have tried to survive through affiliate links but never managed to raise enough to cover the costs because few of our users would shop through the links. I have tried to offer paid services/classes like but only a handful of people would support us through this. So it is with a sad heart that I have to realize I cannot do this on my own anymore.

So, here's the problem:

The SSL certificate for log in service expire on July 21 and unfortunately we do not have the $100 needed to renew it. That means that you won't be able to log in anymore.

The search feature in the Scrap Stash app has also been broken ever since Apple upgraded iOs, and we would need someone to look at what can be done and fix it.

Other yearly/monthly running costs are domain names, server/database hosting, email services and iTunes hosting/developers account. This is costing us about $1400/year. So, as you can see we are privately paying about $1500/year only to keep this service running! To continue to develop the services would cost even more.

Here's how you can save the Scrap Stash app and Scrappypedia!

Because of all this we are asking all the Scrap Stash app fans to chip in and make a donation, so we can restore and fix the Scrap Stash app by contributing, all together.

If not enough money are raised on August 1, to at least renew the SSL certificate to save/restore the log in feature ($100), donators will be refunded their donations (after fees are paid) and the services will have to be shut down. If we can raise at least $100 we will keep the donations open to cover the other costs and possibly even make bug fixes and continue development. UPDATE: I managed to raise exactly the amount needed for the SSL certificate but I would still appreciate a little bit of help with the other costs, as well. Thank you so much! xoxo!)

So, it's basically up to you if these amazing free services will stay up and running. If the users donate a small amount each, we could raise enough money together to keep Scrappypedia and Scrap Stash app going. :)

Thank you for your donations, your patience and your understanding.

Please, donate here through Paypal (you don't need to have a Paypal account to donate). Please note that the donation service only will take a number of dollars. If you put in cents, as well, it will fail (probably has something to do with the Paypal account being set up in Sweden). So, don't bother with the cents. haha! ;)

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